Pterodactyl Squad Releases 8-Bit Weezer Tribute

Pterodactyl Squad is one of those fun video game bands that plays everything in goofy 8-bit 90s SNES and SEGA Genesis tones. As ridiculous as these artists seem, they're usually awesome, as I've seen first hand with The Konami Kode. Their attention to detail is meticulous, and their execution is usually dead-on, so I wouldn't hesitate for a second in checking out Pterodactyl Squad's most recent endeavor, Weezer- The 8-Bit Album. If you're a fan of either the coverer or the coveree (not a word?), you're sure to enjoy this fitting Weezer-related release. All I can guarantee is that it's better than the Red Album. The artist has it up for free download over at their website.

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