Iran on Daytrotter

Saw this over the weekend, but figured it'd be a good way to lead off our weekly batch of content. For those who don't know, Iran is TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone and The Mendoza Line's Peter Hoffman, along with Aaron Romanello and Aaron Ites. The project has been in existence since 2000, but this year's release, Dissolver, is their first since 2002-- quite a stretch. However, the guys are not worse for the time off, but rather, are refreshed and refined, giving us one of the noisier albums of the year. If you're interested in the band's old or new material, I'd recommend heading over to Daytrotter for a few mp3s from their collection. Along with "Can I Feel What?" and "Airport '79" from Dissolver, also included are "We Could Go Away For Awhile" and "4-Armed Star" from 2002's The Moon Boys.

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