New Super Mash Bros, Album, All About the Scrillions

I saw this over a week ago, but wanted to save it from posting up here until my feature about it on 20 Watts ran. Now that that's happened, we're good to go over here. If you were reading this site awhile back, you may or may not have caught my post about Super Mash Bros.' first album, Fuck Bitches. Get Euros. At the time, I claimed to enjoy it more than Girl Talk, and maybe even thought it was better than GT's Feed the Animals. Alas, regardless of that argument, their new album takes the cake as far as mash-ups go. All About the Scrillions is phenomenal. It's on another level combining more 90s pop with hip-hop, school dance hits and even The Beatles (!) Trust me, you're going to love it. For real. So go download it for free, courtesy of the artist, over at their website.

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