New Andre 3000, "Lookin 4 Ya"

Anybody else feel like Andre 3000 hasn't been alive these past few years? I mean, seriously, the only times I've heard anything about him in the past 24-36 months was when they played that "Hey Ya" cover on Scrubs this spring, and when I watched Four Brothers last night, which actually came out four years ago. So color me surprised that this turned up today. DJ Envy and Tapemasters Inc. have a new mixtape, Purple Codeine Part 25, out/coming out, and he's apart of it. The song, "Lookin 4 Ya," fails to resemble The Love Below or even the unbelievably horrible Idlewild, and rather, is just a straight two minute rap number. No real frills or gimmicks, just rapping. I'm also a bit confused, since it's not that overly impressive either. Did the man run out of creative juices after Speakerboxxx/The Love Below? I don't know, but hopefully we'll be hearing more from this, and the other half of OutKast, soon. Check out "Lookin 4 Ya" over at Tapemasters.

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