New Eels Video, "In My Dreams"

Would have posted this yesterday, but when you're working on two blogs (managing one, editing for the other), and a job, it becomes a bit more difficult. Still, better later than never. Eels' new album, Hombre Lobo is a fine release, full of some great bouts of energy and a nice mix of moods and styles. This song, "In My Dreams," may not even be one of the top tracks on the record, and it's still an enjoyable and memorable time, enhanced by the accompanying video. A kooky hipster kid is a werewolf who helps an equally-hip girl find her lost frog. She's never scared of him this entire time. They also hold hands at the end. Odd? A bit. But the video is extremely pleasing from a visual standpoint, so I'd think you'd enjoy checking it out whether you're a fan or not.

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