Music Video Monday: "Dog Problems"

Track: Dog Problems
Artist: The Format
Album: Dog Problems
Year: 2006

God, do I miss The Format. I've known that fact for the past year and a half, since their breakup in February of 2008, but it came into larger focus last night. While sitting around playing cards with friends, The Format came up on my iPod, and for some reason, everything just seemed better suddenly. It's not like I haven't listened to them recently, or forgot about them either. For some reason though, their absence was magnified, and their collective excellence as a band seemed to be more prominent than usual. Maybe it was just me.

Regardless, that sentiment provided the inspiration for today's video post, for the title track off of 2006's Dog Problems-- one of my favorite albums of all-time. Like the band, it employs an endearing brand of simplicity and (for lack of better word) corniness, that was able to draw people in at astounding rates while the band was in existence. They specialized in nostalgia and warmth within their rousing jangle pop forays, and slower, heartfelt acoustic numbers. It made for one memorable listening experience, and I thank them for it. Talking hands and all. Enjoy below.

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