New YACHT video, "Psychic City (VooDoo City)"

With their latest album, See Mystery Lights, being released today, YACHT figured it would be a good idea to premier their video for first single, "Psychic City (VooDoo City)". For the most part, it was. The video's a bit odd, but then so is the track. It basically revolves around cults, the Church and Satan, amongst other things, getting progressively more odd as it continues. Interestingly enough, the band issues a disclaimer at the onset denouncing any belief one may assume they have in the occult, due to their own personal feelings/belief system. That's fair. If you're still following along, feel free to check it out.

UPDATE: Apparently there's an issue with the video on Pitchfork's end, which is causing the issue on our end. I'll update when resolved.

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