Not-New-At-All Crystal Antlers, "Tentacles"

You may recall us (me) talking about Crystal Antlers at length several months ago. Their noisy, thrashing psychadelia was one of the many pluses of a first half of the year in music which none of us will soon forget. As you may also remember, first single, "Andrew," was fairly radio-friendly, or at least as radio-friendly as this band gets. That is not the case with second single, "Tentacles". It's quick, biting and electrifying, spiraling out of control at various points, much to the listener's delight. You'll probably enjoy this if you liked today's track of the week. And yes, I'm still mad that I missed them at Williamsburg Waterfront recently. So lame. The song is below, for your enjoyment, courtesy of Stereogum.

Crystal Antlers- "Tentacles"

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