New Almighty Defenders, "Bow Down and Die"

Everybody's favorite escape artists, the Black Lips, have new material coming out, this time as The Almighty Defenders. You may remember the band fleeing India in January, and then ending up in Berlin? Well, this is the result of said experience. The guys teamed up with King Khan and Mark Sultan for a folksy, gang-vocal hoedown that sounds like it was recorded in the basement of an old farmhouse (probably was). I personally think it would have been more fun to chronicle the trip, complete with literal running dialog, but hey, you can't have everything. What we've got instead is something that definitely alludes to their frightening experience, while still reserving commentary enough to make it a worthwhile and gimmick-less venture. The first offering is called "Bow Down and Die," and is available below, courtesy of Stereogum. The rest of the self-titled record will see a formal release on September 22nd via Vice.

The Almighty Defenders- "Bow Down and Die"

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