John's Track of the Week: "The Twist"

Song: The Twist
Artist: Chubby Checker
Album: The Twist-Single
Year: 1960

Yup, I'm going there. To try and break from the norm a little today, I've decided to go with Chubby Checker's "The Twist," as opposed to Lil' Wayne. I'm sure you're thrilled. As much as it may seem hokey, I dare you to deny the fact that you'd at least leave the song on, if not get up and dance, if this track came on at a party/gathering. It's simple, nostalgic and catchy-- hence why it charted number one for Billboard two separate times (1960 and 1962). Plus, it was featured in
Spiderman 3, which is what brought it back into my own consciousness a few years back. Yes, that movie was nowhere near as good as the second one, but still, not terrible (at least in my opinion).

What many (including myself until looking it up) do not know about "The Twist" is that it's actually a cover song. Hank Ballard and the Midnighters (great band name by the way) released it as a b-side in 1959 to moderate success. However, it did not become the dance craze that it was in 1960, 1961 ("Let's Twist Again"), 1962 or 1988 (new recording with The Fat Boys). Admittedly, Checker's almost gotten too much mileage out of this one, since he's rerecorded it no less than five times. Still, it's almost impossible not to enjoy, and/or do "the twist" when you hear it. Have I crossed an unspoken line here? Matt may say I have. Enjoy below.

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