New Flaming Lips, "Convinced of the Hex" and "Silver Trembling Hands"

I feel like we've known about the new Flaming Lips album for months (we have). I've sort of been counting down, but it's tough to do so when it's still so far away (September 29th). Luckily, the band has decided to give us something to make the time go quicker, or at least satiate our appetites for new music for the time being. New tracks "Convinced of the Hex" and "Silver Trembling Hands" are the offering we've been handed, a sampling of both upcoming full length, Embryonic, as well as special release EP, Songs From the Future Album Embryonic. You can get the EP by buying tickets for certain Flaming Lips shows this summer, if you're interested. I like both songs. "Silver Trembling Hands" reminds me a bit of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, while "Convinced of the Hex" has a completely opposite vibe, chugging along in a confined, and engaging, space. Go check them out, courtesy of Covert Curiosity.

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