New Ganglians, "Blood on the Sand" and "Make It Up"

Ganglians are a fun band in fits and starts. Some people seem to think that this isn't true, but for the most part, I believe it. Over the past few months, I've thoroughly enjoyed tracks such as "Hair" and "Valiant Brave" (but specifically "Hair") and though a bit unorthodox, I find their sporadic joy to be an asset, rather than a detractor. For the rest of you that feel that way, maybe these new tracks are for you, sort of. In a Myspace bulletin on Sunday, the band claimed that "Blood on the Sand" and "Make It Up" are their best to-date. I can't be certain about that fact, but I will tell you that both do a fairly good job at mixing some pleasantries with breezy, yet entrenched, ballads. Sound like something you'd enjoy? Head over to their Myspace to stream, and be on the lookout for their Captured Tracks 7" sometime soon.

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