John's Track of the Week: "It's Only You (Pt. II)"

Song: It's Only You (Pt. II)
: Salem
: 4 Track EP/It's Only You (Pt. II)- Single
: 2008

Forgive me for not knowing abou
t Salem Al Fakir from the beginning of his career, but I wouldn't exactly call myself immersed in the Swedish soul-pop scene. That being said, I know about him now, and I'm very impressed. Many of you have probably seen the Volvo XC60 car commercials lately, and wondered about the fun and futuristic music going on in the background (just me? okay). Well, that was Salem, and his song, "It's Only You (Pt. II)," a re-recording of the song "It's Only You" from his debut album, This Is Who I Am. As much as I rarely associate Volvo with futuristic innovation, and would not consider Salem some kind of time-traveling musician, the new aesthetic for the song works perfectly with the message the commercial is trying to portray.

What drives "It's Only You (Pt. II)" more than anything else are the chimes and synths, which act as both a constant force, and a dynamic explosion in the song's more dramatic moments. It's filled with joy and elation, a quality rarely seen without a hint of corniness. Whoever this was written about, Salem seems to be hooked on them. Will you enjoy this track as much as I have? Perhaps not. But I'd still give it a listen, even if you'd rather not acknowledge the corporate endorsement that may come with it. Check out the video below.

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