Brand New Reveals Details of Upcoming Fourth Album

Usually we don't talk about things like "band announces album release," but this is a special case, and something that would really only be reserved for a select few artists on this site. Native Long Islanders, Brand New, have been working on their fourth album for the larger part of this year, and now, apparently, it's all done, and ready to be released in the fall. According to a news item and interview from Kerrang!, the album will be named And One Head Can Never Die. It spans 11 tracks, and as per lead singer Jesse Lacey, is "a pretty exhausting record." In interviews he has also stated that a lot of the songs talk of, and feel like, an end. I hate to fan the flames of internet rumor, however, this could possibly be it for the band. I sincerely hope it isn't, but no point in speculating at this juncture. If you're interested, And One Head Can Never Die is out September 22nd via Universal.

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