New 50 Cent Video, "OK You're Right"

When I first saw 50 Cent's new video, "OK You're Right" I thought he'd literally lost his mind. Still not entirely sure he hasn't, but you'll probably feel similarly when first viewing the clown suits, clown masks and shotguns. I was almost waiting for Heath Ledger to show up as the Joker, but alas, it never happened. Instead, 50's rapping at a show, which weaves in and out of scenes from the film "Carousel" and shots of him rapping as a clown. I'm tempted to say "fail," but the beat and song are solid enough to warrant at least a look, which you can choose to do or not do below. "OK You're Right" is the first single off of the upcoming Before I Self Destruct, which comes out September 8th via Shady/Aftermath/Interscope.

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