New Silent League, "Here's A Star" (Neon Indian Remix)

So this is awesome. Both The Silent League and Neon Indian are coming out with albums in the next few months, and something like a "Here's A Star" remix is definitely a great way to create some hype leading up. I haven't talked about Neon Indian here, but I've touched on them over at 20 Watts. Basically, it's 20-year old Alan Polomo of VEGA, making fantastic, dreamy synth pop... really, really well. I'm a fan, and am greatly looking forward to his debut, and though I didn't have The Silent League on my radar for September before, I certainly do now. For those who like things that are, dare I say-- groovy-- indulge yourselves below, courtesy of Pitchfork, by way of Stereogum.

"Here's A Star" (Neon Indian Remix)- The Silent League