New Jay-Z, "Run This Town" (Feat. Kanye West and Rihanna)

Some may recognize many of the news items we'll be posting in the early goings of today. That's because I was away from Thursday night until last night, so as you may have guessed, I was not around to post news items of any sort. However, figured I might as well catch up before proceeding.

As the date for the release of Jay-Z's much-anticpated
Blueprint 3 draws nearer (I know, I know, we're still six weeks or so away), the hype will reach the inevitable fever pitch sooner or later. Maybe that time is now. The album has experienced another leak, this time in the form of "Run This Town," a typically confident track where Hova and who else, but Mr. Kanye West, declare their dominance over everybody and everything, with a supplemental contribution from Rihanna. Supposedly, this will be the first intentional single from the album, and rightfully so. It's infectious, and will be gaining radio play for months. And since when do people let Kanye on a track that's not a single? Thought so. Enjoy it over at Stereogum, and as you probably know already, The Blueprint 3 is out on September 11th via Roc Nation.

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