Music Video Monday: "What Would Wolves Do?"

Track: What Would Wolves Do?
Artist: Les Savy Fav
Album: Let's Stay Friends
Year: 2007

Entertaining video to start off your day on Animal Noises' first birthday (more on that later). Some may be familiar with New York art rockers, Les Savy Fav, more specifically their latest full-length effort, Let's Stay Friends. Well this song, "What Would Wolves Do?" is from said record, and it's quite the video. Basically, a bear and a wolf are traveling through space. They end up happening upon these space girls who look like the Snorks (except with wings), and then go back to their place to chill. Once there, everyone gets drunk, plays Twister and takes Polaroids. Then we find out the girls are actually robots that stuff and kill animals. Bad news. Luckily, the wolf escapes, and he and his bear friend fly away with a jet pack. Got all that? Probably not. Still, check it out below.

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