New Unreleased Jeff Buckley Cover, "We All Fall In Love Sometimes"

We'll make this quick, but just figured some people out there may want to know that there's an unreleased Jeff Buckley track out there. Of course, it's not original- it's an Elton John cover, but still, as would be expected, "We All Fall in Love Somtimes" is a real depressing track, that gets even more depressing when we find out that it appears in this summer's top sick-kid chick-flick, My Sister's Keeper. Add in the part about Buckley's own tragic death, and you're left with one downer of a song that's only worth listening to due to the man's untapped talent, and if you're an Elton John fan. Whether you fall into either of these categories or not, feel free to enjoy(?) the song over at the website for the movie.

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