New Animal Collective Video, "Summertime Clothes"

I swear I've been trying to find a way to post this for the past two hours. Unfortunately, though, I'm at work, so that does prevent things from happening here as quickly as they normally would. But anyway, on to the video at hand- When I first saw Animal Collective's visual representation of "My Girls," I thought it was a bit odd and trippy, but in no way was it the weirdest thing I'd ever seen the band do. The video for "Summertime Clothes," however, is a completely different story. It is, without a doubt, the trippiest thing you'll ever see from Animal Collective, maybe even one of the trippiest things you'll see, ever. It's like the shrooms scene for Knocked Up mixed with a weird 70s independent film. I suppose it's entertaining enough, but even if the visuals aren't, the song is definitely good enough to check it out.


Brian Goetsch said...

Those visuals are amazing: fits in rhythm with the music (hectic, flashy, fast-paced) and DEFINITELY associates with the audience Animal Collective is currently geared towards.

Great video... My Girls is BY FAR my favorite song on the album, however.

John said...

I'd agree there. "My Girls" might just be my favorite Animal Collective track ever.