New Beirut Video, "The Concubine"

I'm pretty sure my brother called "The Concubine" the best track off of Beirut's new record. That also wasn't saying much, since the album as a whole lacked the real energy and originality that were a mainstay of Zach Condon's previous efforts. Still, I suppose it's worth talking about his new video. The Mexican vibe works for the song- however, I still don't understand why the visual representation culminates in sharing a smoke with a member of the Animal Noises "enemies list", Gene Simmons, in complete KISS garb. Alas, check it out below, for the last (I promise this time) video of the day.

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Anonymous said...

It's a Gene Simmons impersonator hanging out on the streets--another fellow freak, just like the cowboy singer. Why not share a smoke?