John's Track of the Week: "Braid of Voices"

Song: Braid of Voices
Artist: DM Stith
Album: Heavy Ghost
Year: 2009

Admittedly, I should have posted something (anything) about this album sooner- it's not that I haven't been listening to it for months now. The fact is, I have been. Problem is that other things always seemed to unfortunately take precedent. Well, the wait is finally over. DM Stith's Heavy Ghost is full of engaging and dynamic tracks, all unique in their own way, but some just excel more than others. One of these is "Braid of Voices," which appears near the end. To me, it's fitting that it starts to bring about the close of the album. A mood all its own, it allows you to wind down and reflect. What more could you ask for when coming up on the finale?

What starts in slow and quiet, builds steadily, as a vibrant piano part dances off of the reverence in David Stith's voice. We arrive at the middle, seemingly waiting- a steady hum, ready to burst into a crescendo of some sort, it's just unknown as to when exactly it'll happen. Suddenly, the silence is broken- a tribal percussion beat, backup choir and Stith's rising voice begin to take over. At its peak, the combination sounds like the misguided offspring of old Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear. And then it all drops out, settling into silence, then a timid piano part, and then it's gone. It's intriguing to say the least, and probably won't be the last you'll hear of DM Stith this week (take from that what you will). Enjoy it below.

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