New Binary Marketing Show, "Shape of Your Head"

I'm going to go ahead and forcefully disagree with Pitchfork on this one. Not only does The Binary Marketing Show's new track, "Shape of Your Head" not sound anything like Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam, but it sounds nothing like Animal Collective. Why make statements like "we'd love to get through this without mentioning Animal Collective... But what can you do with a song that sounds like a deliberate effort to record a slender yet vital track for Strawberry Jam?" when you don't need to? It's a good song- one that I enjoyed, and has allowed me to be intrigued by the band's upcoming effort, Pattern. But if you must draw comparisons, accurate ones need only apply. The Binary Marketing Show, good in their own right, resemble a mix of Dan Deacon and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Much more apt a description. See, it wasn't that hard, Pitchfork. Enjoy the track below.


ilovemypuppy said...

binary marketing show sounds like the binary marketing show. no need to compare them to anyone at all.

John said...

Thank you for further proving my point.