Music Video Monday: "The Reeling"

Song: The Reeling
Artist: Passion Pit
Album: Manners
Year: 2009

I still really enjoy
Passion Pit's new album, Manners. I'm sure many of you feel the same. We discussed it's crazy wall-of-sound dance-pop to excess weeks ago, and yet I continue to bounce along to the incessant beats, soaring falsetto, and video game backgrounds. The following is the first single from said album, one which a fair amount of fans have probably witnessed already. Still, I felt that it would be worth talking about since the visual representation does a fantastic job of reflecting the song. "The Reeling" wasn't even my favorite song on Manners, and I am now more of a fan of the track due to seeing the video.

When I spoke about
Manners way back when, I noticed, and harped on, an 80s vibe to go along with the album's dance-pop sensibilities. This video seems to be the epitome of said effect, as the aesthetics, at first, seem to portray a punk-scene very much enthralled in 80s culture. What goes from there is an interesting use of crumbled up newspaper and magazine clips to portray physical objects, including the band themselves. Believe me, it's not corny. The clippings are only used as faces, and the style is executed to perfection- it's never used in excess, and seems to convey the frailty the band is looking to convey. Overall, a cool experience which I'd highly recommend. Check it out below.


houssan said...

I really enjoy that video! Maybe I now will buy the album.

John said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It is a really great effort- definitely one of the better albums that's come out this year (at least in my opinion).