Music Video Monday: "Thriller"

Song: Thriller
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: Thriller
Year: 1984

This website did not comment on the unfortunate death of Michael Jackson last week, due to the fact that we figured it a much more meaningful tribute to incorporate the King of Pop into one of our weekly featured articles. Since my appreciation for the man only goes to a certain point (pre-creep), I figured I would briefly discuss something from that earlier, more noteworthy part of his career. Without a doubt, Jackson changed music videos forever, becoming more and more creative as his career went on, and to me, and a lot of others, "Thriller" is probably the epitome of that reputation. Everyone's seen it- the 13-minute short film that mesmerized viewers with it's fantastic choreography and great cinematography. It was the mark of a genius. It's a shame that the genius eventually faded to the pressures of public life, and an even greater shame that it all left us so soon. Rest in peace.

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