Music Video Monday: "No Surprises"

Track: No Surprises
Artist: Radiohead
Album: OK Computer
Year: 1998

When talking about Radiohead's music videos, "weird" would be an apt description, but perhaps "thought-provoking" is a better term.  Thom Yorke and the guys are an interesting bunch, who love to push the envelope, get people talking, and overall, make fantastic music.  The following video seems to touch on some of those traits, as well as explore pieces of the band's songwriting mindset.  For those who don't know the story, the band had a very hard time dealing with the success of OK Computer back in 1997, so perhaps this video provides a good visual representation of the feelings involved with that.

The video for "No Surprises" is simple.  Yorke's head, in an astronaut-type helmet, is virtually the only image you see for the entire four minutes.  Scrolling in front of him are the words to the track, which he is singing for most of the video.  If you haven't seen it before, I won't ruin it for you.  However, I will just say that you shouldn't be alarmed by the images.  The worst, and seemingly probable, outcome does not, in fact, occur.  Still, it's a strange sight, but I guess that's what makes them who they are.  Enjoy.



Insanely unsettling, yet brilliant, video. I believe they did the playback in slow motion for the part where he's submerged, right?

John said...

Indeed they did, Jimmy. He wasn't submerged for all that long during the taping, but still, a very uncomfortable thing to film nonetheless, I'm sure.