John's Track of the Week: "Never Wrong"

Song: Never Wrong
Artist: Foreign Born
Album: On the Wing Now
Year: 2007

In light of
Foreign Born's new album, Person to Person coming out yesterday, I decided to sit back down with their freshman effort, On the Wing Now again. It was definitely a good decision on my part. Here on the precursor to this year's great record, you can recognize the building blocks that weant into making their notable and intelligent sound. However, you can also see the point where they veer off from what appears to be their tried and true formula on the album. The sounds come the end of On the Wing Now provide hints as to where they're headed, and when you hear Person to Person, you'll both hear and appreciate the transition from simple and enjoyable indie rock, to something a bit more meaningful.

On an album full of great and spirited tracks, to me, nothing seems to epitomize what it's all about more than the closer, "Never Wrong". It's a fan favorite, but there's something undyingly triumphant about it. It's the period at the end of a great novel, the final trumpet blare in a symphony. Not to compare the song to any orchestral arrangement, of course, but stick with me on the metaphors. There's a sense of completion here which can, and does, lack on many an album, and you can't help but see the smile on the band's face at the end. Check it out below, and don't forget to get yourself a copy of
Person to Person if you haven't already.

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