New Lil' Wayne, "Kobe Bryant"

I hate Kobe Bryant. I don't hate Lil' Wayne. Thus, I'm torn here, as I'm sure others are when confronting not one, but two polarizing figures on one track. Anyone who was lazing about the interwebs last week probably caught thsi one already, but since Pitchfork put up an official stream and whatnot, I figured it'd be worth mentioning. You'll also be happy to know that Weezy actually raps here, which is a stark contrast to what he's been doing lately- what with the "rock album" and his budding career at ESPN, you'd almost forget he rapped. "Kobe Bryant" is not great, nor is it terrible. Rather, it's somewhere in the middle. I'll let you decide for yourself though. Check it out over at Pitchfork.

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