New Lupe Fiasco, "Shining Down" (Feat. Matthew Santos)

I'm posting this more because of my appreciation for some of Lupe Fiasco's past work than for this song. "Shining Down," which I'm sure many of you have already heard before this, features Matthew Santos (Lupe's co-conspirator on "Superstar") and features a lot of auto-tune. Add to that a lackluster beat, and it takes away anything the song could have amounted to, and buries it. What could have been a decent track turns into something that sounds more like a washed-up has-been trying to get back on top. Not sure why Lupe's decided to do this, but well, he has. Hopefully the rest of his upcoming album, Lasers, is better than this, and hopefully the rest of this summer's hip hop is better too because, as Pitchfork aptly pointed out, it's been dismal so far (save Jay-Z and Mos Def). Check out the track if you really want to over at the aforementioned P4k.

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