New Portugal. The Man, "People Say"

If anyone read my article last week about Portugal. The Man's video for "Lay Me Back Down," or my glowing review of the band's 2008 record, Censored Colors, you probably assumed I'm anxiously awaiting their newest release.  You guessed right.  The Satanic Satanist will be the latest in a body of work that I have come to admire, and have enjoyed seeing grow positively from album to album.  Hopefully this new record continues that trend.  Though it's not out until July, we did get our first glimpse of the new sound yesterday, and if you haven't heard it yet, you can get it for yourself now.  The band has put one of the new album's tracks, "People Say," up for free download both on Last.fm, and on their website.  Through their site, you have the option of signing up for their mailing list too.  In my opinion, the track's an interesting one.  It seems to melt together a more country-twinged sound with some of the moods we heard at the end of the last album, to make an all-new, slightly toned down venture.  Still, don't take my word for it- go check it out yourself.  The Satanic Satanist is out July 21st via Equalvision.

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