Matt's Track of the Week: "Into the Hillside"

Song: Into the Hillside
Artist: Cassettes Won't Listen
Album: Into the Hillside
Year: 2009

Lately I've been intrigued by the idea of finding an artist that makes mainly instrumental, not necessarily electronic, music that I can enjoy listening to over and over again. I came across Cassettes Won't Listen while browsing the exclusive interviews section over at Last.fm, and it peaked my interest. In a departure from his prior work, Jason Drake, the man behind the moniker, said that he thought giving people an album of instrumental music seemed like the right thing to do at this time. If the rest of Into the Hillside sounds anything like this, I would agree.

Although this music is mostly electronic, Drake plays a wide variety of instruments, and has dabbled in several genres over years of experimentation. The vibe on this one is worldly and exotic, conjuring images of high-class globetrotting. Overall, a very cool sound. The full album came out on June 16th, and I will surely be getting my hands on it soon. Check out the iLike link below.

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