John's Track of the Week: "Least Favorite Rapper"

Song: Least Favorite Rapper
Artist: Busdriver
Album: Jhelli Beam
Year: 2009

As promised you get more Busdriver this week. As I've stated before, it can get difficult to discuss every single album that comes out, and in the case of Busdriver's Jhelli Beam, this was indeed one of those cases. Hopefully, however, I can make amends by talking about my favorite song off of the record. We'll start with a backstory, so perhaps the track makes more sense. Busdriver (real name: Regan John Farquhar) has always existed as somewhat of an outcast. His rapping is some of the fastest around, yet lacks that "swagger" that everyone else seems to be toting nowadays. He's seemingly gained more notoriety from the underground indie rock scene than the underground indie rap scene. He's also really tight with Islands' Nick Thorburn- so close in fact that they reference each other on their respective Twitter pages. Trust me, this all explains the following song.

On "Least Favorite Rapper," Busdriver, along with guest contributor Nocando, makes a case for why he is, without a doubt, your least favorite rapper- listing a plethora of traits which one would associate with the Lil' Waynes, Kanye Wests and Jay-Zs of the world, but never an individual like himself. It's a laundry list of everything he's not, and he's not shy about that fact. Interestingly enough, it's also set in front one of the more mainstream beats I've ever heard the guy use, but this could also be to further stress the point. The song hits, and hits hard, making its point thoroughly and unequivocally. If you appreciate the simplicity of truly honest hip hop, this one's for you. Check it out in the video below.

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