Matt's Track of the Week: "Daylight"

Song: Daylight
Artist: Matt & Kim
Album: Grand
Year: 2009

I've never really been a fan of Matt & Kim. I didn't see the big deal when their self-titled debut came out, and my overall opinion was that although they had a knack for crafting fairly catchy powerpop and a sunny disposition, they didn't bring much of anything new to the musical landscape. Recently, I gave them a second look when this song was brought to my attention by a friend, and I couldn't help but give credit where credit was due.

Some of you may recognize it from the new Bacardi Mojito commercial where a partygoer passes through recent decades as he makes his way through a crowded room. The visuals highlight the pop culture of the day, and the song choice works perfectly to assist. "Daylight" has an unexplainable vibe that exudes carefree youth and romance. It rides along on a textbook hip hop beat, string loops, simple piano lines, and frantic vocals, pushing all the right buttons to get its message across. Check it out below.

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