Matt's Track of the Week: "Supa Dupa"

Song: Supa Dupa
Artist: Big Sean
Album: U Know Big Sean
Year: 2009

We've spoken about Big Sean a couple times here at Animal Noises, and today I'm going to do it again to bring to light another pretty fantastic song off of his 2009 mixtape U Know Big Sean. There's a good mix of styles and flows in this set, but one thing you can always count on with Sean, is catchiness and clever wordplay.

On "Supa Dupa", Sean creates a chilled out mix of self-promotion and light-hearted jabbing by drawing ingenious comparisons between himself and other relatable personas. Within seconds he goes from referencing Nintendo's King Koopa, to the fictional literary icon Kunta Kinte. On top of all of this, the song is backed with a mellow but bouncy beat by production team Wright Trax, making for a very unique vibe that shows off the collective talents of all involved. Check it out below.

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