John's Track of the Week: "Go Home, Get Down"

Song: Go Home, Get Down
Artist: Death From Above 1979
Album: You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
Year: 2004

Death From Above 1979's You're A Woman, I'm A Machine is one of the most explosive, maniacal albums of the decade. Becoming unhinged within seconds of its introduction, it quickly launches into the out-of-control, spiraling wales of Sebastien Grainger, which are only tempered by the equally out-of-control, spiraling riffs in the background. Every track sets a chaotic, slicing tone, akin to a buzzsaw, as you literally sprint through the album's progressions.

Nowhere is this more apparent than "Go Home, Get Down." Grinding and vicious, the track nearly drowns itself in its allusions to thrash metal, buzzing and whirring amidst the mayhem. It's honestly amazing that Grainger can still sing to this day, after such an effort. So many high-pitched screeches and growls, interspersed with a few breaks here and there-- most wouldn't have any vocal chords left. Regardless, he persists from start to finish, and even in the smoldering pile of rubble left at the album's end, we're left with quite an impressive display. Listen for yourself below.

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