Music Video Monday: "On the Water"

Track: On the Water
Artist: The Walkmen
Album: You & Me
Year: 2009

On an album full of standout songs, sometimes a few can get lost in the shuffle. Appearing right before You & Me's signature track, "In the New Year," The Walkmen's "On the Water" may be a prime example of this disappearing act. As a stand-alone song, it howls, eerily pacing through its progressions, and careening off the walls as it bounds. However, by the end of the 14-track effort, it ends up melting into the scenery somewhat, with so many staggering, single-material submissions.

But the video for "On the Water" works in many ways to set it apart. Utilizing some mesmerizing computer animation, it takes a simple story of two rabbits, and splashes it onto a sensational canvas. The constantly-panning camera takes us through the perils of their existence, with dogs, guns and hawks close by. Finally, one of our main characters meets his unfortunate demise in a colorful display of confetti, from the gun of a farmer. His cohort stops back quick, before running off-- leaving us a mystery as to what may happen next, if anything. Check it out below.

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