Music Video Monday: "Evil"

Track: Evil
Artist: Interpol
Album: Antics
Year: 2004

The puppet featured in Interpol's video for "Evil" isn't creepy, as much as he is intriguing. "Norman," as he was dubbed by fans of the band, is the star of the video, from the opening post-car crash mutilation to those final seconds on the operating table. But even though you get very little information about him, since he's simply singing the track, you can't help but feel the guy's got a fair depth of character behind the stuffing.

At the onset, Norman is not necessarily the main attraction. I'm guessing they let "evil" refer to either death or possibly a drunk driving message (probably not, but it's a possibility). Behind our singing puppet friend is a horrible car accident, focusing on the anguish of family members. Eventually, Norman himself is rushed to the hospital and brought to the operating table, before he performs some add puppet dance, before presumptively dying. All-in-all it works though, as the choppy percussion and guitar riff trade-off works perfectly in kind with the staggered, awkward movements of Norman. Check it out below.

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