New Annie, "I Don't Like Your Band"

Admittedly, Annie is a bit more pop-oriented than our usual content around these parts. However, her new track "I Don't Like Your Band" is just too infectious too ignore. Five years removed from her widely-lauded debut album Anniemal, she's finally back with her sophomore effort Don't Stop. For those who still don't recall the first release, perhaps hit single "Heartbeat" rings a bell? Regardless, the appetizer for Don't Stop seems to pick up right where she left off, as the track is an explosion of synths and jubilant pop. The theme, while it may be knocked from afar, is actually less immature than it may let on at first too. Rather than a juvenile hater session on someone else's musical exploits, it's just a simple, cut-and-dry statement that it's the band that turned her off, not the person themselves. Plus, I mean, how can you ignore that background?

Don't Stop is out November 17th in the U.S., via Smalltown Supersound. Check out "I Don't Like Your Band" below, courtesy of Pitchfork.

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