Matt's Track of the Week: "Tomorrow"

Song: Tomorrow
Artist: Big Sean
Album: U Know Big Sean
Year: 2009

If you don't know
Big Sean already, I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot about him in the very near future. He's signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label, and his mixtape U Know Big Sean has already garnered his upcoming debut significant buzz in recent months. Even so, sharing space with guys like Kid Cudi, John Legend, and Common, he's currently still one of the label's less mainstream-recognized artists, and I figured why not get the word out about someone doing something different in hip-hop.

What first got me into Big Sean was his unique style. His wordplay is offbeat and clever, he has a humorous side, and he's a big proponent of the more underground sneaker/gear/luxury item-head culture that so many people seem to be latching onto these days. What sets him apart from others is the sense of sincerity that you take away from it all. On "Tomorrow", as well as the rest of his work, he comes across as someone who has been at it for years, but is only now being given credit where credit is due. This song also features what sounds like a sped up sample of John Lennon's "Mind Games" set to a beat, although I can't verify that for sure. You be the judge.

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