Animal Collective to Release Another Record This Year?!

We usually avoid news items, but I make exceptions for things as exciting as this. As per Pitchfork, Animal Collective could possibly have a new album in the works, with a release date set at December 8th. You can check out some very minimal details over on Amazon, which include the aforementioned date, label (Domino) and a title-- Fall Be Kind. If it's true, this is nothing short of ridiculous, and awesome, and probably the best thing that will happen in December this side of Christmas. We'll keep tabs and update if there's more news.


Leo said...

I agree that this is exciting, but it also highlights how far we've come from a few decades ago, when often bands released two albums, sometimes even three, in one year - Roxy Music and Creedence Clearwater Revival are two examples of that, i suppose. The former released 2 albums within a year of each other, the latter released 3 in 1969. Of course, this doesn't happen anymore because of the extended touring that now takes place. All the same, i'd rather a band like Animal Collective spend less time touring and more time writing/recording when they're experiencing a creative peak like their current one.

John said...

All great points. As much as I enjoy seeing bands on tour, if they are in the midst of some intense creative zone, they should write as much as possible. I've been wishing bands would go back to that model, and it appears that Animal Collective is ahead of the curve.