New Vampire Weekend, "Horchata"

So Monday was Vampire Weekend day on the interwebs. Sorry to say, I wasn't able to participate due to a myriad of other responsibilities getting in the way. Still, it's definitely worth noting in hindsight.

As many already know, Vampire Weekend will be releasing their highly-anticipated second album, Contra, on January 12th via XL Recordings. Probably seeing how well the hype machine worked for Animal Collective going into the new year, the band figured they could do similarly? If it's true, I think the strategy will work. They've just released first single, "Horchata" to the masses, and the response is extremely positive-- not unlike our initial thoughts on "Brothersport" and "My Girls."

For those fearing a drop-off on Contra, as compared to their first album, fear not. All the energy's still there, just channeled differently. As the guys have told most media outlets, there's a huge California influence as part of the new sound, and you can hear it immediately. "Horchata" is infectiously-catchy, definitely in the mold of breakout hit "Oxford Comma." If you'd like to see for yourself, you'll want to check it out below, courtesy of the band themselves. Or, if you'd like, head to their site, and sign up for their mailing list before downloading.

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