The 20: The Long Island Scene, Over at 20 Watts

Rarely do I plug the other blog I work for, 20 Watts, where I serve as reviews editor. However, I felt that this was the type of thing that was worth mentioning. Every week over there, one or two people take on a project called "The 20," in which the author(s) give people the essentials of a certain sub-genre, talking about each, and its significance in the overall picture. For this week's edition, my contribution-- The Long Island Scene-- is up.

Discussing the scene as it was from 2000 to 2005ish, I tried to cover all of the area's best work, at one of the best points in its music history. Maybe I pulled it off, perhaps you'd beg to differ. Either way, it's still there for your perusing, viewing and listening pleasure.

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