Matt's Track of the Week: "Close To Me"

Song: Close To Me
Artist: The Get Up Kids
Album: Eudora
Year: 2001

This might very well be sacrilege to some, but I actually like this version better than the original by The Cure. It takes a pretty good song and makes it great by sparing us the cheesy synth flutes and Robert Smith's melodramatic crying. And considering that Robert Smith is an overrated, outspoken critic of the so-called "Radiohead business-model" (despite its massive success), who could really ask for more?

The Get Up Kids put a cool spin on this one by beefing up the guitars and performing it in the style of their music at the time. They manage to keep the general vibe of the original, but make it their own. If possible, it's even catchier than the 1985 hit, and on a compilation album full of covers and b-sides, it's definitely the standout track. If you haven't heard this tune yet, and even if you have, I'd recommend checking it out below.

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