Matt's Track of the Week: "Calypso Gold"

Song: Calypso Gold
Artist: Princeton
Album: Cocoon of Love
Year: 2009

Princeton has built up a decent amount of buzz lately with their new album Cocoon of Love, and their current tour, opening for Ra Ra Riot and Maps & Atlases. Their sound of 80s new wave, infused with Vampire Weekend-esque, island sensibility is a catchy and welcome variation in the current indie landscape. They also put on a high-energy live show that simultaneously showcases the band's personality and skills.

"Calypso Gold" is the standout track on an album full of quality material, and like much of the album, it spins a narrative around a mysterious love interest. The band does an outstanding job of cultivating the wide range of feelings associated with love through their music, and as the record's name suggests, they wrap you up inside of it. The atmosphere in this one is heavy and layered, yielding a product that is musically and lyrically engaging. Check it out below.

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