Music Video Monday: "Overdue"

Track: Overdue
Artist: The Get Up Kids
Album: On A Wire
Year: 2002

This week's video is one of my all-time favorites.  Along with it being for one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite bands, it shares the same dark and beautiful quality that is presented in the album's cover art, as well as in the overall sonic mood of the record.  It creates a uniform image, and serves as a perfect visual companion to the music.

The video's story follows a lonesome doll-maker, who lives in a dollhouse, through his mind, and a warped, run-down urban wasteland.  Whether he's looking for something he has lost, or something that he has never had is unclear.  The focus of his yearning, however, appears to be on love.  The objects of his affection seem to be the dolls that he makes and piles in his dollhouse, but it's as if they're only failed attempts at creating what he truly needs.  In his fantasies, he sees himself with one of the dolls, in a life-sized form, almost echoing the beginning and end of the video, where a real woman, who dwarfs the man, walks by the dollhouse and catches his eye.  It drives home the idea that all people really want is someone who is made for them.

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