John's Track of the Week: "I Hate My Friends"

Song: I Hate My Friends
Artist: Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains
Album: Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains
Year: 2008

Upon hearing the opening vocals of "I Hate My Friends," the first thing you'll think of is Death From Above 1979.  For those who don't know, Sebastien Grainger was one of the two men behind the critically-acclaimed duo, providing lead vocals and drum work.  His voice is notable for its rough edges, screaming/shouting nature, and soaring octave range.  Out of all of the tracks on 2008's Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains, I felt that this one best captures the dance/glam-punk essence of  DFA1979, and could almost pass as a b-side for the now-defunct group.

This track's sure to be a favorite for anyone into getting up and dancing, or maybe working out too.  I'd consider it appropriate for both the gym and parties, depending on the audience, of course.  For comparisons, see anything that sounds like The Strokes, and the previously-mentioned DFA1979.  And, no, I do not actually hate my friends, though Grainger might.

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