New Almighty Defenders, "Cone of Light"

We've talked about the Black Lips' escape, and the story of The Almighty Defenders ad nauseum, just as everyone else has, so we'll digress, and spare you. However, on the coattails of last month's "Bow Down and Die" is the new, "Cone of Light." Similarly to the former, it's folksy noise that invokes a sense of campfire fun with your friends (if you're not aware, I'm a big fan of alliteration). This one takes on some group vocals as well to really create the mood of being out in the wilderness/on the run in Germany with your boys. Check it out below, courtesy of Pitchfork, if you're in the mood. The Almighty Defenders' self-titled debut is out September 22nd via Vice. I'm sure the Black Lips, King Khan and Mark Sultan thank you for listening.

"Cone of Light"- The Almighty Defenders

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