No Age's Losing Feeling EP Now Streaming

Usually when a band decides to stream a release two months before it comes out, it's usually because of a leak. Well, I haven't heard anything about this one at all, but it's still happening. No Age (who put in quite an effort in 2008), have a new EP coming out in a few months. Losing Feeling is said to be a bit more electronic and experimental, according to the band themselves. Sounds like a pretty stark contrast to the usual sound, but I won't stifle electronic, or any, experimentation in-between albums. If you'd like to stream it yourself, you'll have to head over to Sub Pop and give them your e-mail, y'know, so they can send you information about this and other releases. If you don't care and would rather wait, Losing Feeling is out October 6th via Sub Pop, but only digitally and on vinyl.


Anonymous said...

yeah it leaked two days ago

John said...

Well, then I stand corrected. Hadn't seen anything about that around the web. Thanks for the info.