Matt's Track of the Week: "Embrace The Martian"

Song: Embrace The Martian
Artist: Kid Cudi
Album: A Kid Named Cudi
Year: 2008

I've found recently that almost everything I'm listening to is simple and catchy. Maybe it's just the lazy summertime rubbing off on me, but I can't be bothered with much else. So here's a catchy hip-hop tune for your Thursday afternoon.

Although this song isn't news to most, I'm sure. In anticipation for Kid Cudi's debut, I've been giving it more plays than usual. It's one of the better songs off of the A Kid Named Cudi mixtape, and it's one of the tracks that really let's you inside the rapper's mentality. He always stresses that he feels like he operates on his own level somewhere, from the sound of his music, to the way he thinks. "Embrace The Martian" just asks the listener to open their mind to it and give him a chance. It's a straightforward song with a great hook. Check it out below.

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