New Blue Scholars Video, "HI-808"

Giving love to Hawaii, the Blue Scholars' newest jam is another one of their tracks worth checking out. The guys, who grew up in Honolulu, have a fun, old school feel with a bit of an island take on the classic hip-hop model. Plus, I mean, they're actually having a good time making music, which is starkly apparent by the expressions they display in the following video. It's all in anticipation of their latest work, the Oof! EP, which will see a very limited physical distribution via their label Massline on August 25th. Before that though, you can also head over to their site and download "Coo?" which is one of the tracks off of the album. Enjoy all. (via The Smoking Section)


Music Careers said...

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John said...

Thanks-glad to hear it. Keep coming back if you like what you see, and always feel free to make suggestions.